The Perpetual Motorcycle

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The Perpetual Motorcycle

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I've ridden less this year too, and for the second year in a row I've abandoned or re-planned long bike trips in favor of my car. I've had a couple of "WTF am I doing this for" moments, where I seriously considered selling everything off and quitting. But, to be honest, that would leave a big hole in my mental space where a differentiating escapist hobby should be. Before I rode, it's true I wasn't in ugly debt with a garage full of expensive metal things, but I was spiritually poorer for it too.I've finally found that riding in North Texas is pretty limited. Long ride vacations all involve 1-2 long, sucky days of transiting through nothing interesting. Once you've exhausted your day trip options, and if your commute is too risky, there isn't much use for a bike IMO. I see that as just another reason to leave - I'd make better use of my machinery elsewhere in the country.For people who have acquired Age, Girlfriends, Wives, and/or Trucks, maybe the solution to quitting isn't to quit riding, but to just scale back and find a different KIND of riding. Things ebb and flow and life. I've never met any rider who didn't have an "I useta" story. It's just part of the life cycle. I've also met many more guys with "I useta ride" stories who don't seem so happy about that now. Better to keep a hand in at a lower operating price than give up entirely,

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